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Becoming an options superhero is easy when you have Portfolio Insider as your sidekick!

Portfolio Insider has just released a new nanosecond options flow tool in collaboration with our partner at NASDAQ.

We believe transparent markets allow innovative companies to raise the capital to solve some of the world's biggest problems. Likewise, our software engineers are committed to democratizing over 200 Fintech APIs (formerly only available to “big dogs” on Wall Street) in a simple and elegant solution.

We contribute to human progress by making critical data and insights available to all investors — not only investment institutions and high net-worth individuals.

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Let’s Get Some Basic Options Flow Terms Out Of The Way.

Our software tracks “sweep orders” for traders to signal momentum and urgency in the market with our intelligent routing systems. These sweep contracts are typically broken into smaller orders and hit multiple exchanges. Smart money often uses sweep orders to stay “in the shadows” without alerting anybody of their trades.

We believe intelligently routing these orders into a centralized, easy-to-use platform lets traders get into a position as fast as possible. Speed is everything with option sweep orders, and by having this real-time data, traders can quickly see something that may affect the underlying stock’s share price the very next day or in the near future. 👇 sweep order tracking.

Option “split orders” largely work the same way as sweep orders, but they are filled on a single exchange system. This makes split orders a lot harder to cloak. split orders.

Now, option block orders often signal massive purchases by institutional investors and traders with deep pockets. And these block orders are negotiated privately — away from the public market. So, this means you probably won’t see individual retail investors making these huge block orders.

For example, check out this casual $138,000,000.00 block order by an institution on “SPX” today. Keep in mind, all this incredibly useful data is flowing in real-time at your fingertips:

Important Tips To Remember:

Don’t always assume big option orders coming through the flow are the trades that you should also take.

Here’s why: No one but the trader knows the true intention behind these orders. These trades could be actually bullish, or traders could be simply hedging against their overall exposure to the market. 👇

$138,000,000.00 block trade on

Smart traders on Portfolio Insider watch our “option sentiment” closely. The sentiment is easily uncovered by harnessing our artificial intelligence algorithms and momentum trading options flow.

As a word of caution, be careful with aggressive call-buying based on sentiment alone. Similarly, if the market is bearish to the extreme, steer clear of aggressive put-buying. Options flow sentiment.

Expert Tips To Help You:‌

Smart, “big whale” traders often use options when retail hands are weak. In other words, fast options money likes to come into weakness. Sometimes when retail investors are spooked and start selling, the smart money is buying hand over fist. So, look at the historical flow and see if there were any key purchases made in the past.

✅ Expert Tip 1: Use our total view depth of book order flow to compliment options flow for a clear picture of resistance lines.

Earnings seasons often see a surge of options activity, but savvy traders know that these insights are usually less valuable.

Here’s why. Stocks are often speculative during this time, so any logic we try to derive from money flow will be too unclear to form actionable analytics.

✅ Expert Tip 2: Finding stocks with high probabilities of beating their quarterly earnings estimates (and potentially seeing their share prices soar) is a difficult task. However, we believe we have cracked the code with our new Portfolio Earnings ESP algorithm: 👇 ESP algorithm.

Always watch for new tickers that are catching options flow. A surge of activity from smart money in a stock is a good signal of what’s coming. So, check the historical data and keep an eye on it.

✅ Example: Portfolio insider’s algorithm picked up on MP Materials Corporation (MP) for members late last year. Notice the bullish sentiment on this fairly new ticker with all long flow calls? 👇 new IPO seeker algorithm.

Unleash Your Options Superpower On The World (But Use It For Good) 🦸‍♂️

You can transform your portfolio if you leverage the critical information from options flow. Unfortunately, finding a technology platform that has our insanely fast speed and depth of flow is almost impossible.

That’s why Portfolio Insider’s ultimate mission is to democratize access to hedge fund level data for everyone. Imagine having the same type of granular insights as Carl Icahn, Ray Dalio, and Jim Simons with our option flow software?

With our intuitive technology platform, you can easily understand what types of options flow is happening, become sophisticated with market sentiments, access earnings algorithms, and view total order flow for the market — all in one place.’s nanosecond options flow tracker.



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